i'm ready to go

i really am.

my sense of timing is beautiful, if not a little abrupt. i've spent the past three weeks loving my break: sleeping-in, eating out, seeing old friends, hugging my parents, watching lord of the rings from my bed -- but last night, my last night in town, i felt so ready to go back to school. i'm sitting here, in my room, staring at the things i need to pack, so happy that i'm finally packing, mentally reminding myself to grab my toothbrush and contact lens case from the bathroom -- and yet, my stomach isn't ready.

in three weeks i've accomplished both everything and nothing. i still feel like there are some things i should have done or said, or people i should have spent more time with. my mind is raring to go back to routine, to being busy, and a scribbled-up moleskine but i can't ignore apprehension. maybe i do want one more week.

but maybe that would be one more week i would have wasted.

but seriously, i'm ready to go back to campus.

i really am.

i picked this up at saver's a couple of weeks ago for about $4. i'm hoping to take it as a carry-on with me to new orlean's when i go in a week. i thought it would look a little more interesting than the puma duffel i usually bring on planes with me.


  1. hey euraaa (: thanks for reading! stuff's not as exciting as it could be but oh well~ we're all growing up and taking on more responsibilities! hope college is kind to you this year. what are you studying/where?

  2. can you believe how quickly time goes?? i'm pretty sure i was still in the first half of high school when i started following you. right now i'm in my first year of college at macalester in st. paul, minnesota. i'm not entirely sure what my major will be yet, but i'm currently leaning towards studying international studies and political science.

    i still love looking at your posts and reading your exciting blog posts :)