the best day

i had a magnificent day today.

at 8:30, i headed over to the ballroom to do soundcheck with the rest of the ensemble before the concert. i realized that one of the members, joe, was wearing a hat that looked very similar to a hat that i was owning. the funny part is, my hat came with a "beard" that strongly resembled joe's actual beard!

the show for the kids went pretty well. energy was a little low, but after two full days of rehearsal, it wasn't a big surprise.

afterwards, we headed over to the nearby church to put on a little informal performance for the pre-school children there. the kids were absolutely adorable. we really enjoyed looking at some of the artwork they had created. i am dying to know what the lesson plans are like because these projects involved the dalai lama, the beatles, and fast food restaurants! this particular work really made me laugh.

after the concert, sowah finally gave us some free-time. the weather here in minnesota has been extremely strange lately. namely, the temperature has been near 40 degrees with absolutely no snow. naturally, whenever it's above freezing we minnesotans take any opportunity to be outside. if you had driven by mac today around 2, you would have seen us out on the lawn, laying on a blanket, basking in the sun. 

some friends who live nearby, but haven't moved back into the dorms yet, stopped by to say hello and hang out for a bit. it was so nice to see them after three weeks <3

afterwards i headed over to the ame spaghetti dinner where agnes and i saw this beautiful house still decked out in christmas decorations.

the dinner was delicious. a lot of the ame members are pretty health-conscious and into homemade / organic foods. i also had a great discussion about the aeneid and all of its characters with another former latin scholar. i personally did not enjoy the four years of latin i took during high school, but i guess it was all worth it to have something in common with a cute guy!

on the way back, i saw this sign hanging on a fence and decided to take it back to my dorm with me. i think i'm going to paint the letters cool colors while i watch lord of the rings tonight...

i've got another early morning tomorrow, filled with more concerts and hopefully another great day!

oh, and how could i forget?! i bought tickets today to see what is probably one of my most favorite bands, the black keys, in concert!! a few friends and i will be making a road trip to milwaukee, wisconsin to see them on may 16th. i am so excited. i honestly think i might pee my pants when i see dan auerbach play sweet, sweet music on his guitar.

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