my friend ihab and i have spent the last 4 days building this birdhouse out of a bag of wood pieces and lots and lots of gorilla glue.

we might have added mini birdhouses and little birds onto it as well.

we delivered it to our former latin teacher in high school who really enjoys bird watching. it was fun to go back and see how little everything has changed. it was like i never really left high school. i visited my former calc teacher, a guy i really liked and respected, and had a good time talking to him about what i've been up to lately.

today was also my last day of work at abercrombie & fitch. i can't believe that an entire year had gone by of folding, usr-ing, and listening to that awful dance music. still, i was sad to say good-bye. farewells are never easy, especially if you know that there won't be many chances to see that other person again. 

i feel like after high school, saying good-bye becomes more of a common thing.


  1. haha, we had her all four years of high school so it was great to see her again. she was pretty excited about it!