it has been an amazing-ly dry winter. naturally, i was excited to wake up to a bit of white on the ground.

4:24 am

i've given up on sleep. i guess the late-afternoon naps are becoming a problem. at least i can consume an earlyearly morning snack of eggo waffles and fruit punch!

golden years

i love all things that remind me of old people right now. it's the exact opposite of a mid-life crisis, i think.

when i'm old, i envision myself in flowing caftans, huge earrings, and drinking out of mason jars. 


20 min left

there are 20 min remaining of december 29, 2011.

today was great in its own solitary way.

i woke up at noon to an empty house. papa chang was at the library, momma at work, and jason was at swim practice. i sat on my bed and sang 'hello, dolly' then changed from comfy sleep clothes to comfy day clothes.

walked downtown eating an apple.

went to the library and checked out three books: sea of poppies, river of smoke (both by amitav ghosh), and pirate latitudes, michael crichton's last completed book. they all have a sailing theme - an unplanned occurrence.

i've already finished pirate latitudes and will move onto sea of poppies later.

that's about it. i should try waking up earlier - i only got to see about four hours of sunlight today.

the nth try

i'm a little embarrassed to admit how many blogs i've tried to maintain over my 19 years. the number probably matches the number of diaries, journals, and daily planners i've failed to keep up. the story never fails: i start up a new thing, am eager to write in it day after day, and after a couple of weeks i discard any efforts. i don't think i've ever felt the joy of holding a book, all the pages filled with my writing, and known that at least a couple months of effort were put into it.

all that shall change with this blog.

here is my only new year's resolution: that i can look back on this same date in 2012 and have a whole year's worth of posts to enjoy. i don't have to write everyday and i don't always need to write something interesting. i just need to write. 

so here it is: my nth try at this. i'm going to do it. look forward to greatness (or a semi-attempt)