bus thoughts

I'm sitting on the 84 line. it feels strangely like home. even though the seats always stick to my legs and there's usually some sort of funny smell wafting from the guy in the seat next to me, the fact that it drives right past to mac gives it that home-y feeling.

i'm headed back after a fairly successful shopping trip by myself. the rest of the ensemble left for milwaukee earlier this afternoon. this whole week, i haven't been too hung up on the fact that i can't go with the rest of them because i'm super jazzed to go to NOLA on saturday. in fact, until the two amazing performances we did today, i was looking forward to having two days of rest on campus. in the end, i was pretty bummed to not be going on tour with everyone especially because my adrenaline was still going after the electrifying shows we did today. since no one is really left at mac, i decided to give myself some retail therapy -- which helped quite a bit.

bonner people should start arriving tomorrow and that should make me feel a little better. when i don't have company to keep me occupied, i get a little melancholy.

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