back to mac

well here i am, back in the dorm. it's really strange to be on the floor, when practically no one else is. i was actually quite homesick last night, more so than when i first moved in. luckily, i found it soothing to unpack all of my stuff and organize all of my food (16 cans of chef boyardee, yogurt, pickles, turkey, vanilla pudding, granola, fruit snacks, dinosaur egg oatmeal, and saltines!).

today i had 8 total hours of african music ensemble. it didn't feel quite as long as i expected it would, but tiring nonetheless. it was good to reunite with a lot of people -- especially cute guys with the beards. hopefully i'll get a chance to take photos of some of the instruments to post on here!

afterwards, some of the girls came back to my dorm to watch a few episodes of LOST.

that's about all that happened today. this will be a pretty un-aesthetically pleasing post, i'm afraid.

tomorrow will bring more rehearsal and possibly a shopping trip to Whole Foods for some more greek yogurt - which i cannot get enough of right now.

i can still smell the pomegranate -- SO GOOD


  1. oh my gosh I LOVE that yogurt!

  2. it's delicious isn't it? a friend told me to mix the vanilla with honey and granola -- i'll let you know how it tastes!