20 min left

there are 20 min remaining of december 29, 2011.

today was great in its own solitary way.

i woke up at noon to an empty house. papa chang was at the library, momma at work, and jason was at swim practice. i sat on my bed and sang 'hello, dolly' then changed from comfy sleep clothes to comfy day clothes.

walked downtown eating an apple.

went to the library and checked out three books: sea of poppies, river of smoke (both by amitav ghosh), and pirate latitudes, michael crichton's last completed book. they all have a sailing theme - an unplanned occurrence.

i've already finished pirate latitudes and will move onto sea of poppies later.

that's about it. i should try waking up earlier - i only got to see about four hours of sunlight today.

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